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Still a small voice who love to story-telling but massively change lately.
I no longer finding who's the freaking I am.
I'm Liza and sometimes I'm Ked, and I'm proud whoever I'm is.
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Monday, June 4, 2012

a kind of peep... Fine! its a person. Happy?

I'm a kind of person who will not involved in any relationship, if there is no such term of commitment and marriage. That is why, friendship does mirror all the relation I have now. Commitment to marriage is important, not only for a relationship to nowhere.Call me lame, but a relation starting between a gentlemen and a lady should be end with akad nikah.
Batalkan air sembahyang lepas akad nikah.

I kind of person who enjoying to be friend with mostly boys as I mostly hate girly stuff; make up, gossips, fancy clothes?? 

I kind of person who not enjoying to watch a continues drama or reality show. So, GTFO and never ask me "who's win what?".

I kind of person who smirked a lot. Deal with it.

I kind of person who don't really like the idea when people disturbing me reading stuff but not a textbook. So, if you see me reading other than textbook, butt off!

I kind of person who read a lot of science and historical fiction. I love them, just don't ask why, I just find the content kinda amused sometimes.

I kind of person who love to see my work place in neat condition. No! I'm not clean-freak.
For example.

I kind of person who really enjoy drawing and painting. And I love when peoples enjoying it too.

I kind of person who love mingle with animals often that human themself. Animal do not talk back. I love cats.

who could resist this?
beaker? of cause.

I kind of person who will talk to non-living thing such as beaker, alone in laboratory. Kinda to release stress ritual I guest.

I kind of person who will blurt sarcastic lines(conversation) more than a normal line human used.  

I kind of person who people call nerd and maniac. And yes, I has huge fondness to  chemistry and black.
Chemistry kit
head-to-toe black
I kind of person who talks a lot around people who's know me well, not to stranger.


Ked Flop
*I do talk a lot ;)
**  A smirk is a smile evoking insolence, scorn, or offensive smugness. It can also indicate suppressed laughter or mild amusement at something.
*** Why people always arguing something unreasonable things with me?

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