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Thursday, November 19, 2015

How I Met Your Papa? #2

Elly flipping file looking for the information required and her eyes keep wondering to wall clock. 8.32 pm and she's still flipping when she's should be at home with her lovely daughter. Calling from her husband redirect her attention and small smile crept.

"Mama!" High pitch voice calling her.

"Hi, sweety." Her smile widen

"When you will home?"

"I'm sorry sweety, I'll be late."

"But who's going to read my bedtime story?" Nia pouting to the phone when her papa chanting he will read to her and pinching her cherk.

He take the phone and ease his wife feeling. "It's ok, honey. I'll read her bedtime story. Just proceed with your research and come home later."

He settled Nia on bed and slip in duvet with her. His legs hanging despite of Ni'sa small bed but he's comfortable with that position.  Nia have her head lay on her papa stomach as pillow.

"So, sweetheart. What's book should we read? Dragon Lord? Bead and Beast? Or Lost Maze?", Wow! My baby girl reading this? He hold the books in front of her.

Nia blink. "No! I want papa continue reading last night  story; How Mama Met You?".

Now it's the time for him to blankly blink to her daughter request. "She found her prince and get marry. Then they have a beautiful daugther?"

Nia frown to her papa story. No fun at all. "I want mama." She's start sobbing.

"I'm sorry sweetheart. Let's start over, alright?"

Nia small nod to her papa and lay back on his stomach.

"So where did mama stop last night." Playing with her locks, just like her mama.

"Uncle Zack."

"Oh yeah. Uncle Zack?" Nia nods.

"He's a... an awesome brother. But papa is more awesome." Nia nods with smiling tooth. "I'm awesome, am I?" Nodding to her papa question. "Why are smiling like your mama?" He's pinching both of her cheeks. So cute! Nia laugh lively to her papa tickles.

"Papa stoppp!" Nia cry lively stopping the tickles. "Story pleasee".

"I don't know sweeheart. I'll ruin your mams story if I proceed."

Nia pout to her papa.

"How if I tell you what's make papa love mama?"

Nia nodding participate eagerly.

"She's beautiful like you and having same smile like you. Even so, you still have my wonderful eyes. But she's a charm to me. Always there with me even I broke her heart." More than twice. "But 3 times always the charm. I serenade to her window one night so she's forgive me."

"Serenede, papa?"

"Yes, I sing her a song. You want to here the song?"

Nia nodding with small yarn.

"Find myself at you door,
  Like I used to be before,
  And I wonder how I got here,
  Your smile lead me here.

  For the last time you ask me;
  Why I'm break yourheart in a blink of eye?
  I shut down and I couldn't talk; why?
  Why would I break you?
  You my whole world, you my heart.

  So please darling, forgive me."

He slowly place Nia's head on pillow and tuck her in. Kissing softly her head before exit the room.

10.14 pm. She should be home any minutes. That's what he thought when her wife is sleeping on the couch soundly. Must be very tired.

"Honey. When did you get home?"

"The moment you sing the song." Rubbing her eyes.

"And you sleep on the song?"

Elly nodding. He's help her wife up and pull her up to their room.

I can't have enough of these girls in my life. 

To be continue.....

Husband POV? IDK. Seriously.
Fatigue and couldn't brain anything good to write but still I'm trying since I have the idea. Until the next sleepless night for Elly to continues.

Friday, November 13, 2015

How I Met Your Papa? #1

"How I met your papa?" Elly repeat her daughter question back to her. She just small nod to her mama when she just blankly stare. Zone out to process the question. "Well... This is going to be very long bedtime story, sweety."

"I'm all listening." Nia widely smile encourage her mama to tell the story.

"I'm warning you, this is not going to be princess like fairy tale." Elly flip the comforter and slip beside her daughter when Nia raise an 'Ok' sign to her.

"Ok. Here we're go." She clear her throat. "Once upon a time, there's.."

"But you said no fairy tale, mama?" Nia interrupt.

"Sweety, I said no fairy tale but it is still a princess story." Nia pout to her answer and snuggle close to her mama.

"Once upon a time, there's a princess to her mother small castle. She's a very active princess and love her mother veeeery much." Elly making a gap in her hold to show Nia the amount of love.

"Does she love her father that much too?"

"Yes, sweety. But her father is not with them. He's stay somewhere far far away from their castle for a quest." Elly pause for awhile expecting a continues qustion bit there isn't any.  "So, the princess grown strong and independent like no other princess at her age. She's still a princess thou, but having her mother busy working, she's always left to play with her grandparents. And oh! She's has a brother."

"Uncle Zack?" She ask with half eyelid, yawninga after.

"Yes. You should sleep. We'll continue tomorrow night." Kissing softly to her small forehead and tuck the blanket on her.

A hnd snuck a her back, "Hye, princess." Her husband whisper silently from behind.

"Hye." Smiling to her husband and softly pulling her husband out from the room. Afraid to wake up Nia from sleep. "You early."

"They called off the meeting." Still holding Elly, "Beside... I miss my princess." Flirting to her while playing with her brown locks.

"Mama!" Small voice calling from the room.

"She's having nitemare again." Elly loose her husband hold.

He pull her hand back before kissing them, "It's ok princess. I'll have this. Let the knight save her." Puffing up his chest before retreating to Nia's room. Elly chuckle silently.

Her knight and her small kingdom. That's cheesy Elly. Her smile wider hearing her husband cooing Nia to sleep again.How I met your papa? Not as easy as the prince defeats and save the princess from a cruel dragon when the princess was a beast herself. Long story, would take a few nights and quests to complete.

To be continue.....

P/s: Please expecting for more night chapters? I wrote this when I can't sleep. So... till the sleepless night again?

Saturday, August 1, 2015

Ked's Weather Forecast: The one your feed?

Hi! Assalamualaikum!

A few more minutes and everyone will update: Rumah terbuka Hari Raya ke-17...

Nah. I'm being skeptical. Again.
That's not the point. I'm just too used with phrase, 'Sarcastic 1st, greeting letter'.

Selamat Hari Raya, dear bloggers, everyone, anyone!!

Nothing much to say just another #myWisdomWords again. Again.

Tweet Saying

The answer is always the option/choice you keek feed with. 

I doubt anyone would understand my thought. Well that anyone don't have to.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Ked's Weather Forecast: 6 Reasons Not to Quit Your Freaking Job

6 Reasons Not to Quit Your Freaking Job

1. To lazy to update resumé
Credit to Grandpa Google

I have being not updating my resume since 3-4 months ago. At that moment it was because I had this one huge fight with my freaking boss and I almost give in and punch her face. But no, I didn't and still acted civil but after I start to updating my resumé and email to every vacant positions I found in Jobstreet. It was a short released to tell my own self that I have other options but I chose to be here. I chose to be here. Why would I snap and run away? So I stay..... since there is no calls from others company or maybe, just maybe my salary is just too high for them to accept (Hye, I'm one of the SME: Subject-Matter-Expect, so I have to keep my standard high) or probably I'm just a noob  (with 1 year & 7 months experience) in industry. But then what's with this 'experience thingy requirement' by the way? So the point is, I just stay and lucky me; my boss leave me alone after the freaking fight. Yeah. It is stupid when you wanna leave this kind of well developed company just because you can't stand your boss. And beside, I'm seriously too lazy to update my resume.

2. The 'Anxiety' of starting all over again

That one feeling when you have to start all over again in a new place, with new people and environment. How to adapt? What's is my new freaking boss be like? Are the colleagues as much as fun and crazy like my previous company? How long I will stand to be here if I'm always run away? It's a mix feeling of guilty and at the same time, you don't want to deal with it. Currently, every inch of the plantation know who's freaking I am and it wouldn't took much time to deal with them. So I figured, I hate to repeat all over tedious things being  a  new employee and enjoy this moment and anxiety-free.

3. Family and friends

"How could we not talk about family when family's all that we got? Everything I went through, you were standing there by my side - Wiz Khalifa"
My mom got this silly thought I'm doing great working here. Well.... I did. But that's not the freaking point. The point is she made my late grandpa made me to sealed a promise; not leaving the job I have now. And the only person I never say no to is him. That's a weak reason to begin. But he meant a lot to me, every gestures, every words, every smiles he rarely commit. I miss him damn much.
On the hand, my friends; they're would love if I quit since I barely have time with them (pipel... I will always make time for you ok?) and because I once admitted to hospital because of stress. I blame my self. I have friends and family and yet I had found no solution to reduce but just to bottled up everything inside. Should I whining and complaint more? Hahaha *listing down names to whining-&-complaint session*

4. The Food

This is another weak reason. The foods awesome eventhough I had them enough. Where else would I eat if I'm working like 12 hours and just to go home to sleep? And why you sarcastically insult youself, Ked? A weak point.

5. Working attire

Oh ho. This is the strongest among strongest point. I should make this the 1st reason instead. But nah. You guys got the idea by the way. It's freaking jeans, t-shirt and sneakers/boots attite for the whole day/weeks/months/years. I'm counting my shoes. Wow! We can have our own shoes outlet now.

6. Colleague

There's always a very fine line between family and strangers. I must 190% agree with this. Here I have a few of colleagues, that act like a father to me. It's a big deal? For me? Yes. I just lost my grandpa a couple months ago and he's the only my old good man I had. But then all the fathers here treat me like their own daughter. This is why I stay. To have someone that fill the emptiness even it is not like what i used to have, I'm glad I'm working here. Because here is home. Home is where family belongs to.

Ked Flop

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Bucket List

Rocking Job
1st Car
Hilux // Triton X
Learn to Cook
Learn to cook Malay, Italian cuisine
CBR 250cc
Kawasaki Ninja RZ
Go around a globe at 30
Settle down?

North-pole to South-pole