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Monday, November 8, 2010

Waiting for the rain...[lyric]

Waiting for the rain by El

I'm so sad  but I won't show
I have to burst it, but I don't want others to know
So, I'm waiting for the rain, but it's always shining beautiful day
It's okay, at least I will forget about it.

Colorful rainbow always make me happy 

Rainbow? But, where is the rain?
Shouldn't rain come before rainbow?

I stay away from the rainbow,
So I can find the rain.
It is gone.

I've got nothing and the rainbow?
It's gone too.

I'm so sad, that I leave rainbow,
To find the rain, and now,
I've got nothing
I've lost anything.

Nie lirik aku buat semalam. Kena ka tajuk ngan lirik? Doesn't matter la. 
The song will come later(note gitar saja =3). 
After I've upload it kena cari tempat yg ada coverage banyak dulu =3
Tapi skrg tgh work on tune. Ada bunyi yg pelik skit.
Aku tak punya bakat tu?
Haigh...takpelah...dengarlah sendiri lagu penuh dia nanti.

To the next entry.


El Note: Everyone are just like me. I'm so sad, but I tend to show even I don't want. Sebab aku mau rasa disayangi dan diperlukan. Itu mesti. Semo org ada kehendak tu. If not, you a robot, heartless and you've lie to yourself. Just to comfort yourself, you denied your needed to have someone with you. Remember something, everyone have someone for them, whether it's your mom, your friends, your lover, or even your cat.


Fird@us said...

Yeah, hello?!
As my concern, why did your lyric is "too" short?

Liza@Azel@El said...

Yes, hello!!
As my concern, why ar u so busy body?
Study, instead of comment on my blg

Fird@us said... miss meh, kan?
paper aku lambat lagi la
rlex arr..

Liza@Azel@El said...

Iyela sgt, i "miss you like org gilak"...I'm out.

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