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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Desk-work dan Miss El the sarcastic gesture

Post nie boleh dikatakan sebagai post malas. 

It's late ( alasan kononnya :p ).

Enjoyla post versi malas nie

gambaq sudut desk work

softboard baru lepas organized.

* * *
Tu sj nak iklankan.
* * *

El: Hang mmg tak dak kejakan Ked?

Ked: Dah siap chap 1, 2 proposal, kita berfoya-foya la dulu...

El: Test law wei, test law...

Ked: Owh! Rite....

El: :]

Ked: =_=" Tak guna punya personaliti-yg-kedua...

El: Say whatever, I'm in your brain Ked ;7

Ked: Hang keluaq skali-skala buat sakit hati ja.

El: You created me for THAT, remember?

Ked: Aaa... I should create one more; for comfort purpose pulak :D

El: And we endup fighting each other, dan hang jugak yg pening nanti.

Ked: Hurm... Never thought about it. You are Good. Very thoughtful.

El: I'm just the best.

Ked: pfft... pantang puji.

El: ;7

Ked: I hate you!!

El: ME is YOU! You hate yourself Ked.

Ked: No!! I hate you my-second-annoying-split-personality~

El: Wei~ You do realized we sound like 'Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, aren't you?

Ked: Ya ka?

El: *hangguk-hangguk*

Ked: Alrite la tu... hang El, aku Ked. Kita buat cerita baru; Ked and El the sarcastic-gesture.

El: Aku sarcastic gesture? Hang, Ked si senget kuasa 2.

Ked: Whatever, better that sarcastic gesture :p

El: Rite... dah nama pun senget...

Ked: Hah! El the sarcastic gesture dah habih modal lawan XD

El: ...... *annoyed*

* * *

Ked Flop
* dia(El) dah keluaq dah ;) muahahaha...

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