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Friday, June 20, 2014

Ked's Weather Forecast #6

So here we are again. So, I'm going to start the Wheather Forecast. Again. Hahahaha This time fot real, Ked? We'll try Liza, we'll try ;p

So how was today? Ohsem? Great? Good? So-so? Fuck-I-Don't-Give-A-Damn?

Mine was great except for healhty condition which less than typical me who can be like; very talk active and move a lot me?

Gua demam since Monday, so now it's like almost a week. Blame the wheather for some pipel but to tell the truth it is because what I kept inside. Fuck.

Yeah. That's should describe everything and what's make me more sick is I can't even tell the reader what it is because this is my damn secret. Secret? Are you sure, Ked? Because you told Mr Bie-bie already. Yeah. The one and only boy I had as my bro-sis complex relation. Well, at least he's there to listen even he's like to membetalk Hahhaha

So, we go back to weather forecast. It is damn hot. Like hot hot. Must be the climax changes. Kipas atas kepala tapi berpeluh basah baju lagi nie haha

No. We're not talking about weather here, it's about me. It's my page for god sake. But then judgment is allowed since it isn't, you guy still judge for whatever you believe. Don't like cause I'll do the same.

So, I'm not so productive today. Being sick and stay at home and had to consume the medicine? I prefer work. Because when I busy, I don't think about other insignificant thing like LOVE. Since then, I heard about love, I'm already in huge mess. So, fuck off LOVE because le heart of mine is lock down for no other heart or what so ever feeling.

Ked would say I'm living with deny because she's not the one who held le heart. It's so fragile that might break even with a light touch.

I'd lost the privileged to LOVE once, and now I holding back the privilege to restrict my own heart.

Jadi summary untuk hari nie?

I don't do LOVE.
I still hate engineers (some of them)
Don't try to touch my heart if you don't mean to stay.

And owh. I'm gping to start with Ked's puasa Diari. Soon.

To the next entry? I guest.

*esok keje wei...
**tetiap hari OT nie... x reti nak rasa penat ka? *shrug*

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