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Still a small voice who love to story-telling but massively change lately.
I no longer finding who's the freaking I am.
I'm Liza and sometimes I'm Ked, and I'm proud whoever I'm is.
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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Ked's Weather Forecast #10

Hi.... again.
After a long silent and missing-in-action, there's always Hi greeting from so called Ked Flop le Merepeking. Because when I don't write is the time I'm actually is not in emotionally stable.

So I write and I read. The sensation of reading is something I can explain; learn new things, new cultures and even languages. So people, please read.

Ada this one philosopher said (I don't remember the name); "A house without a book is not even a house to call."

Nie pasai apa pulak budak nama tak betui dia Ked Flop duk merepek pasai membaca buku pulak  nie?
Suka hati gua lah, gua mampu hahahahaha

It's my part of social responsible, like I did in some post; Donate Blood, giving awareness about Dyslexia Disorder and other stuff. Because I can tell people and of cause I will tell people so that dumb people is not forever dumb and stupid who's want to argue will be forever stupid. Yeah. I'm in so called sarcastic mode tonight.

Yeah. So lets us drop the dumb and stupid thing because that's only the acknowledgement.

1. Congratulation to me for my 1st year of working anniversary.
2. Congratulation to for stay and strong there.
3. Congratulation to me to finally say NO to something that insignificant to my life.
4. Congratulation to me to finally realize alone is not lonely.
5. Congratulation to me to finally free from heart-hurt feeling.

Yay!! Selepas setahun baru nak bernafas balik.
For those people I'd hurt, I'm sorry. Please to know that I'm learning to not hurt people or myself. So lets us help each other.

That's it. Another short short update.
Till the next post? Might be another 2, 3 months? Hope so.

Ked Flop
*Gila bawak balik keja tapi dok buat gila update blog pulak
**Don't stress yourself pipel. Stress is no good for health nor brain.

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