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Saturday, January 10, 2015

Ked's Weather Forecast 2015: #1

Oh Hi!

Again after a couple of month of disappeared and come back again. What a life lahnkan, Liza?

Yup! What a life...

Owh. Gua janjikan short drabble as wedding gift to my newly-wed friends; Nawana, Che Ma and a few more. Nanti kire post ea kawan2, ada nak edit sikit2 so that kanak2 18tahun boleh baca. 18 tahin tu kanak2 lagi ke Liza ooooi?

Well.... me at that age still a kid not even a teenager to begin lagi. Akil baligh to me very slow. Real slow like pergerakkan batu di gurun... (kehyperbolaan kemelampaun). Don't mind the language.  I'm speaking human with slightly nonsense slang again. Well.... blame puberty..? Hahaha Nah... I just chose to keep my mind young fresh. Might take a couples more years to change the mind state... Mungkin...

About le drabble guys.... I'll post real soon.... might be a couple of month to come? Hahaha nope. I'll try my best since it is hard to write to suit their personality with my bipolar problem yet the time district.  Banyak alasan... Well.... it's adult job to give excuses kan? I'm I right? No. Am I not wrong??

Okeh. Done with sarcastic greeting. Now it's time to wish,


And talk about new year resolution... Let's not make new resolutions since I have like more than 20 pending resolutions for passed 6 years... hahaha

Just wanna pass these few realistic resolutions:
  • Exercise 1 hour per day
  • Go home early
  • Read more
  • Travelling once a year
  • Keep lots of money
  • Post something on blog.
That's it. I passed on of the resolutions just now: Post something on blog. Ho yeah!!

That does it. Another short update. More to come. InsyaAllah.

Ked Flop le Flower Pot
* Read book for your mind. Your mind stop working when you're stop reading.
** Have another great year, fella! Let's fight together!  Yosh!!

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