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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Women is...

Women is a complex or complicated creature (I’m a women, note that). What I’m trying to say is we don’t mean what we talk. It’s not like women like to lies but more to hide the real feeling, so that a dumb man will forever be dumb. Jangan marah ye boys! It’s true. This is a real life, and boys, you really need to know by what we (girls) means:
1. Bila nampak kitaorang (girls) macam tengah marah(boleh nampak kat muka), jangan tanya kitaorang marah ke tak, and of cause kitaorang tengah marah.
2. Bila kitaorang cakap, ‘I’m fine!’, note that we are ‘not’ fine. Come on guys, seseorang yang talkative, for sudden only say 2 words? Korang tak bangun tidur lagi ke? It’s mean by ‘I’m not ok’.
3. Bila kitaorang ambik berat pasal korang, dan korang balas, ‘it’s not your business’, that is mean by us is, ‘I’m not going to ask you anything anymore, until you’re apologize.’ Faham-faham la.
4. Bila korang suruh kitaorang minta maaf pada orang untuk kesalahan yang orang lain buat, ‘I’m sorry’ means korang pula yang kena minta maaf pada kitaorang selepas tu.
5. Bila kitaorang buat muka annoying when we see you guys, sedarlah muka korang memang menyampah.
6. Bila kitaorang cakap ‘ok’ dengan your choice maksudnya, ‘it’s don’t suit you’, pilih yang lain.
7. Bila kitaorang hantar meseg, ‘saya suka awak’ tu tak bermakna, ‘saya nak bersama dengan awak’, tu cuma meseg yang kitaorang dah fikir beribu-ribu kali untuk hantar ke tak, dan you guys done a great job when there is no answer reply. Great job guys, claps you hand you have just broke one heart. Just reply the message, say anything; we don’t mind being rejected instead of waiting for years for answer and you never reply. One more ‘hooray’ to you guys. [sorry, this one is personal]

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Ellara said...

please, understand us. it's not like we have to tell you guys everything

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