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Friday, November 19, 2010

Which one is better?

The Bitter Truth OR the Sweet Lie ?

I do hate to heard the bitter truth but I don't think I can stand the lie.

Liar always made their life beautiful with words and finally they trap with their own words.

I hate liar but somehow they really know how to comfort others. But in the end, that hurts more than it should be.

Persoalan yg selalu melompat riang dalam kepala otak aku:
  • Betul ka bila bohong, boleh buat dia senang? OR seumur hidup takut org tau penbohongan dia? To think, you'll be living in guilty and scare? Woho....I don't think I can't stand that condition. Pelik la macam mana liar boleh hidup senang sampai org sekeliling tak sedar. Dia mesti 'd great liar'. Until the times come, the truth really hurt the people around dia.
  • Bila bohong, org sekeliling akan bahagia. Macam bohong untuk kebaikan bersama OR people nowadays sll guna 'bohong sunat' just to comfort others. I give you guys 1 condition: They never tell their daughter that she is adopted until the day reveal, she's really upset. Patut ka the parent telling the truth bila the lil' girl still don't know anything, dan membesar dgn dia tau, dia anak angkat? The truth doesn't hurt much bila dia membesar dgnnya.
Tulah. manusia berbohong mesti bersebab, takkan suka2 nak bohong kan? Ada ka?
Tapi ingat, 'Niat tak menghalalkan cara'. Niat baik tak bermakna hampa boleh bohong dgn sesuka hati.

Apa pun, analisis keadaan, buat keputusan sebaik-baiknya, dan bersedia terima akibat dan keputusannya nanti.

Sometime, the truth is not as bitter as you think. And better to know the truth from the person instead of other. Tu satu kemestian punya.

That's all.
To the next merepek entry.


El Note: Dapat tau the truth dari mulut org lain lagi sakit drpd dgr dr mulut the liar.

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