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Saturday, February 26, 2011

G**** kat Seksyen 7 bukanlah tempat yg best untuk pegi buat soul-therapy

Soul-therapy? Term nie, women who's love to shopping je yg tau... :D Yelah...boleh shopping, mestilah release segala masalahnya... Bagi setgh org la, yg setgh lagi tu tension bila kluar duit masa shopping... Tak boleh la kata tu sebagai soul therapy...

Hah! Rini kluar jalan ke Seksyen 7, kononya nak membeli barangan skit. Well, I'm inspecting the supermarket is huge but.... aku teringin nak ke supermarket kat Perlis jer. Kenapa dan kenapa? Ingat kut, tempat bandar camne, supermarket pun mestilah versatile skit tapi lame jer... Dah la barang tak banyak, price tag pun takde, apa crite nie? Rasanya C-Ma** kat Arau pun banyak lagi barangnya banding ngan G**** kat cnie... Rasa macam, WHATHELL betul la... Nie bukan soul-therapy yer, this is annoying...

Tadi purchase handbag. Hurm...yes, it's for me... Jgn gelak ok!! Aku tak nak pun pakai, tapi terpaksa. It's annoying, bila pegi shopping market, pastu ada pak guard suh tinggal beg kat luar, dah la segala mak-nenek ada dalam beg tu... Last skali nekad beli je handbag, nak pegi shopping complex pakai jer tu, malas dah nak pikir...
El is now having a handbag for the first time... -.-" is 26th Feb. Happy 3th Anniversary to me... Celebrating without him. Stela did call me tadi, merungut; "Why is it you never come here?". I'm sorry Stela, akak don't think akak will stand to see your eyes. Your eyes just like you late brother eyes... Sorry but not now...  Maybe someday.

That's all...
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