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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Ked's Drabble : Reality Show

[2]: Reality Show.

9pm. Mereka dah pun mengadap tv, tunggu pujaan hati apa ntah. Akademi Fantasia kut. Entah. I don't do watch reality show.

"L*** has potential to win." Mereka suka benar komen setiap kali habis satu lagu.

"No, I think Ha**** will win" Mereka berbalah antara mereka. Great! Satgi mesti aku termasuk skali.

"So, who's you think will win, Ked?" Kedua-dua Mereka menoleh ke arah Ked.

Shuvit!! Told ya soon or later, I'll get involved. Mengeluh. Restrained back-ache dulu. Let them wait. Pentas dalam tv dah tukar org.

"I. Don't. Care."  Sambung chat dlm Twitter tanpa mempedulikan cuka di muka muka mencuka Mereka.

"You such a jerk." Mereka merenung tajam ke arah Ked.

It's like I care?


It's 115 words. Pendek. Hopefully you get what I'm trying to say here. I don't watch any reality show. If I do, it is because my mom watching it, so I have no choice. Wondering why I lingering around living room? Oh! Kat situ ja coverage broadband Maxis kuat. Jadi, don't ask me sapa menang dlm apa-apa pun reality show ok?

Ok. Enjoy. TQ.


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