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Monday, February 27, 2012

y u no?

Woman! Y U NO Understand 'the' word BESTFRIEND?!

Oh! Come on! I'm pissed off! Breath Ked, take a breath, one more time...


Nie bukan kali pertama, mahupun yg kedua @ ketiga tapi dah berkali-kali, Cik Aku kena marah?( Ya ka marah? Macam mana nak explain kecemburuan seorang perempuan kpd seorg BESTFRIEND boyfriend dia?) IDK! Tapi bahasa yg digunakan boleh tahan. SGT 'BOLEH' tahan.

Rasa macam kena betrayed dgn seorg perempuan yg lain dan rasa nak declare perang dingin dgn Mr Buddy for this stupid reason. 
For my record, kami dah kawan dari sebelum tadika sampai la dan obviously dia macam ADIK,ABANG, dan dia seorg SEPUPU. 

Y U NO see that woman?!!!

"Why not you just like other girl, hangout with some other girl?!"

1st. I'm not like other girl.
2nd. He is my COUSIN! I can't stop him or me to meet each other.
3rd. I DO hangout with my other kawan perempuan.

Cuma nak cakap something, take this as a sis to another sis:

Open your mind woman. 
BOYFRIEND absolutely not someone you can attack their friend.

One more thing. If you feel the 'insecure' develop between your RELATIONSHIP, better move to another step, AKAD NIKAH.

And, kurangkan kecemburuan anda satu atau 2 petala. Might be cute to somebody else but not to the person you use to attack..

Woman! Please mind your language. Jaga adab, marah pun jgn keluar benda yg tak 'PATUT'. Anda tau apa Cik Aku maksudkan. 
I might know you as polite woman so let just make me and my thought on that way.
Wow... What a day. 
Baru habih jadi tikus makmal, dah jadi bahan marah caci maki.

Ked Flop

*rant of the day, rant of the day... 
** this rant is not mean to humiliate anyone but just to rant something I gone through...
*** regarding this rant, any heartbreaking session while reading please pm me...

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