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Monday, August 27, 2012

A girl and 3 guys

A girl has 3 guys in her life.

A guy she loves.

He was a gentleman. He did everything to please her, did everything to make her happy. He was her comfort in hard times, the shoulder she cried on. Sweet, caring, kind were just a few words that described him. She could hardly get enough of his presence; she loved to be around him.
“you look lovely tonight!” he smiled at her while leading her to his car.
“Thank you darling!” a blush spread across her cheeks.
All the small compliments he told her made her heart melt, making her fall in love a little bit more every day. She felt the world was perfect when she was around him.

A guy she hates.

He was rude, making unwanted, hurtful comments when he was in a bad mood, which happened often. Ranting and complaining about people who were close to her, about people who often helped her. His constant mood swings were harder and harder to deal with each day, yet he refused to tell her what his actual problems were.
“Just deal with you own bloody business, woman!” he snapped at her suddenly.
“I’m only trying to help, dammit!” she felt the tears escape from the corners her eyes.
Every time he was dejected the storm clouds gathered above her head. During his troubled hours he didn’t care, or just didn’t notice that he hurt her feelings.

A guy she can't live without.

They broke up, the separation was meant to be for life, but moving on was more difficult than they imagined. She felt a burning ache in her chest every time she heard his name. Sinking deeper and deeper into depression as the days passed she refused to let go of his memory. Soon she realized she wanted her life to be like it was before. She wanted to be back together with him, she couldn’t hold onto life without him.
“Dear!” his voice called from her front door. “Please open up!”
“What are you doing here?” she tried to ignore the crack in her own voice as he stepped inside her hallway.
“I missed you!” he stuttered. “I want to be with you! I’m really sorry, love.”
She didn’t need another word. Her arms reached for him, ready to embrace his obviously tired form. He didn’t need a formal invitation, he was ready to hold her and never let go.

In the end,
Sure he had a few flaws, but name a human who’s perfect. She loved all of him, not just the good qualities, and the same thing was true vice versa.
“I love you!” he whispered.
Smiling she slid her arms around his frame, pulling him closer to her on the bed.
“I love you too.” she mumbled before finally falling asleep in his arms.
He watched her clam expression for a minute before following her example as slumber shut his eyes as well.

They're all the same guy .
Ked Flop
* Loves, Hates and can't live without.
** Again, Ked talks bout love, hate =p 
*** Finally, 'love' is one of the tagged

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