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Friday, November 13, 2015

How I Met Your Papa? #1

"How I met your papa?" Elly repeat her daughter question back to her. She just small nod to her mama when she just blankly stare. Zone out to process the question. "Well... This is going to be very long bedtime story, sweety."

"I'm all listening." Nia widely smile encourage her mama to tell the story.

"I'm warning you, this is not going to be princess like fairy tale." Elly flip the comforter and slip beside her daughter when Nia raise an 'Ok' sign to her.

"Ok. Here we're go." She clear her throat. "Once upon a time, there's.."

"But you said no fairy tale, mama?" Nia interrupt.

"Sweety, I said no fairy tale but it is still a princess story." Nia pout to her answer and snuggle close to her mama.

"Once upon a time, there's a princess to her mother small castle. She's a very active princess and love her mother veeeery much." Elly making a gap in her hold to show Nia the amount of love.

"Does she love her father that much too?"

"Yes, sweety. But her father is not with them. He's stay somewhere far far away from their castle for a quest." Elly pause for awhile expecting a continues qustion bit there isn't any.  "So, the princess grown strong and independent like no other princess at her age. She's still a princess thou, but having her mother busy working, she's always left to play with her grandparents. And oh! She's has a brother."

"Uncle Zack?" She ask with half eyelid, yawninga after.

"Yes. You should sleep. We'll continue tomorrow night." Kissing softly to her small forehead and tuck the blanket on her.

A hnd snuck a her back, "Hye, princess." Her husband whisper silently from behind.

"Hye." Smiling to her husband and softly pulling her husband out from the room. Afraid to wake up Nia from sleep. "You early."

"They called off the meeting." Still holding Elly, "Beside... I miss my princess." Flirting to her while playing with her brown locks.

"Mama!" Small voice calling from the room.

"She's having nitemare again." Elly loose her husband hold.

He pull her hand back before kissing them, "It's ok princess. I'll have this. Let the knight save her." Puffing up his chest before retreating to Nia's room. Elly chuckle silently.

Her knight and her small kingdom. That's cheesy Elly. Her smile wider hearing her husband cooing Nia to sleep again.How I met your papa? Not as easy as the prince defeats and save the princess from a cruel dragon when the princess was a beast herself. Long story, would take a few nights and quests to complete.

To be continue.....

P/s: Please expecting for more night chapters? I wrote this when I can't sleep. So... till the sleepless night again?

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