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Monday, April 4, 2011

Aku hanya wanita biasa

Persoalannya: Dah cukup ke sifat ke-wanita-an aku nie? :>

Takde...dah naik menyampah plak bila ada ramai lelaki2 di luar sana menyatakan, "Aku hanya Lelaki biasa"... Wondering: Tu ayat kenyataan atau ayat memuji diri sendiri, sbb afterward statement kindda make me pissed off... Guys, please... Turunkan tahap ke-perasan-an anda 1 or 2 notch ok?

Hurm...apa nak cakap sebenarnya? Entah... (Ok, its my favorite word: Entah :> )

Aku mmg average girl, with typical attitude but sometimes, nobodies can guest what's coming from me.... Still I'm an AVERAGE girl. Please, don't expected much from me.... Turn out to be, you guys kecewa, and I'm too... 

Macam mana nak cakap? Haila...Wish somehow, there is a single peep will understand me without I'm saying a word... I wish... I'm cool but sometimes, there is someone will make me in "HELL".... and that time I wish to kid that person but laju2... Walawei...Please la....don't you see? Its obviously shown in my face, I HATE YOU!!

Aku pemalas. Don't expected me to do all the tutorial and asked me the answer....Even I did it, doesn't mean, my answer is CORRECT. WHAT THE HELL la korang nie? I'm not a computer to get all-rite-answer... even computer have errors... *sigh*

Lagi satu: Girls out there...Please and please learn to use or explore 'Microsoft Office'...Penat la setiap kali kena jadi tukang edit, and end-up you guys just bubbling to each other and gossiping and only 2 of us yg pandai guna Ms Powerpoint to do all things......  =.=" Aku cakap camne korang terasa, korang kata, tu bukan kerja kitaorg...Habih tu? Tu kerja aku? Setiap kali assignment, muka nie je yg melengkung blakang mengedit, mentata-rias, meng-hyper-rangkaian-kan... Korang ingat aku suka ke? Ada pun aku kelihatan SANGAT suka mengedit, itu adalah kerana menjaga MARKAH... And I did well kan masa Assignment 1?....sbb tu korang lepas tangan....Please alter some of my expectation girls...

The Only Reason I Hate Grouping Work....
Mana lagi penat? Full-fill people expectation or Keep yourself low enough so that nobody realized you there? BOTH!!

To the next if I have leisure time like this...(nie pun ponteng kelas 2 hari)



nadeafu chan said...

tukang edit?ahha sama la kita..cis!

Liza@Azel@El said...

welcome to real... -.-"

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