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Sunday, May 1, 2011

El's weather forecast #3

Ikhsan Incik Google
Awai rini post entry? Dah nak offline, off to make way for biology plak. Sebelum tu, menyempat jugak aku melayan 'Hikayat Merong Mahawangsa'. I would give this movie 15 stars out of 10 for the action. Great action! Jalan crita senang faham but sometimes its hard for me to understand the 'kiasan' used.
Cee~ El baget moden...hahaha... :>

Tak mo ulas panjang, sbb baru tgk sekali, satgi tersalah ulas plak. Jadi nie short entry saja. Share my attention to Malay movie. Tahniah KRU. Malaysia boleh!! Korang dah buatkan hati aku terbukak nak tgk crita Melayu.

Aku bukan buget bagus tak mo tgk crita Melayu tapi jiwa tak boleh terima la jalan ceritanya. Ada ja yg aku layan tapi setakat layan, jd jgn la dok gossip-ing ngan aku pasal artist tu, artist nie. Its annoying! And I hate fuse. When I said I hate. I mean it. 

Ok. To the next entry.


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