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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

El's weather forecast #4

Just end the bio-read-session. Yay!!! Malam nie enjoy dulu. Esok dah kena start dgn Math and afterward Physic. Apa nak buat? FB-done!, Twitter-on it!, new entry-on it!, email-soon!

Aku suka buat quiz-quiz yg bodoh, pastu gelak sorang. Tu hobi. Hahaha...pelikkah? Biar la ;P

Nak tau contoh quiz yg aku selalu ambik? Contoh-contohnya:

"What's your fairy-tale story and character?"
You’re a dreamer[Agree!]. You like to read[comic for sure] or draw[yeah...] and can spend hours staring out the window[*thumbs up*] or in your own little world[hehehe...I'm so predictable :> ]. You’re also very intelligent but are just looking for some magic in your life[Ada ka magic?]. Your story would take place in a completely different world with magical creatures[Nak balik 60th century, boleh?]. You would have grown up in a small village having heard stories about the Castle your whole life. That’s where anyone who’s someone lives. The royal family is there and so are all the nobles. Naturally, you dream of one day going there[nak! nak!] and seeing all this for yourself. It’s said to have water spirits dancing by the fountains[wow!], real griffins decorating the villas of many and, best of all, the most ancient library in existence[ada buku magic kat ctu?]. You are delighted, therefore, when, after finishing school, you are accepted to study under Elder Ezekias[who?], one of the king’s most renowned scholars['s quiz owner world...rite!]. He is even said to have educated some of the royal family. Once you arrive there you are ecstatic to discover that it really is as wonderful as you imagined. A guide, which met you at the flying balloon[*mata bulat*] drop off point, shows you around[mesti sronok klu dapat naik...] and by the time you reach the library, the sun is setting. As you enter the building you see a majestic room glowing in the golden light as it seeps in through the open windows, leaving you spellbound. You walk by the shelves in a daze and bump into someone[hek? sorie...] making their way swiftly around a nearby shelf. You mumble a quick apology but the guy (yes, it’s a guy)[kya~ :)] waves it off and leaves hurriedly. Then Elder Ezekias himself introduces himself to you and informs you that the person you’d just run into is Prince Leon[what?! why didn't u tell me earlier? I might introduce myself tadi *cebek*], who is studying under him[owh...]. You’ll probably see more of him then[lucky...kita jumpa next time prince Leon].

Macam jawapan quiz yg aku ambik tu, kadang2 mmg luar petala skit. Well, I'm a dreamer and I dream. Hahaha...

Wokeh. To the next merepek entry.


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