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I no longer finding who's the freaking I am.
I'm Liza and sometimes I'm Ked, and I'm proud whoever I'm is.
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Sunday, March 10, 2013

forever mom's baby girl

I guess what I want to think about right now is MOM.

Waste of time thinking of some insignificant person who actually just wanna used me for their own goods, and go away just like that.

I don't wanna give a damn anymore.

It was happen for once, and now twice.

Asking for my help but having fun with someone else.
I might look uptight, straight, conservative, but I still have A HEART.

Only can say it out loud here.

No more.
I have to learn to say 'NO'.

I can't never say NO for that certain person.
Was like I had been cursed or something.

Once. It happen 7 years ago, when I was young, stupid.
Loving hopelessly, unconditionally because I'm stupid.

Twice. Just happen I guest.
When he had problem, me is the place to solve problem.
When he's not, I had been ignored.

For now on, I'll do everything for money, even for little thing.
I'll ask credit for my work.
I want they mention my name for what I'm working for.

Therefore for now on, I'm working for money, not for some stupid-kind-heart anymore.

#KedSays Most of people are looking at something, but not really seeing what actually the look.

I had been used for my brain but for some beauty, they were cherished for their beauty. That is how world revolve around human. Beauty is subjective, but they always forget to mention beauty is faking.

Don't blame for I'm thinking, it is the world that make me think like that.
Pretty women, have no brain and sly used her friend's idea and admit it is her idea. Back-stabbed her friend and using her beauty. And the unlucky friend want her right back but other won't believe her, because she is not as pretty as her pretty friend.

Can't you see the difference? How world revolve around us?
Pretty face had everything, but the brainic??
What they got?
I got nothing.
For the start.
Till the last.

Please, correct me if I'm wrong.

Ked Flop
*Better be a mom's daughter forever than give your heart for some heartless person who just used you for their own goods.
**I lost the privileged to love now and ever.

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