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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Heh, boys are idiot, stupid and moron!! Throw everything at them....

I knew some of boys are really is stupid.

Hey, if you want said something bad about others make sure, you're perfect to said it so.....
Why on earth do I have to meet this people..... They're a mess and they're boys.....

Perasan hensem, dah la boroi, bajet bagus, hello mana2 orang yg tgk engkau tu pun tau kau tu mmg boroi..... klu setakat novice takyah la nak bangga ngan aku..... blah la..... knplah aku kena jumpa ngan mamat2 sengal, 3suku tak cukup akal cam diaorg nie..... no words could explain how I feel disgust to talk about them....

They're shit.....

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