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Sunday, April 10, 2011

To Do Lists [11/4-15/4]

For coming week, here lists I have to do:

  1. CSC425=> Array Assignment-Due date: Monday, 11/4, before 10am.
  2. MAT538=> Quiz3 on 10.30am.
  3. BIO400=> Quiz3 on 5.00pm.
  4. BIO400=> Compile assignment2(Acid rain, Global warming and Ozone depleting)- Due date: Tuesday, 12/4.
  5. BIO400=> Compile report (Exp 3,4,5) - Due date: Friday, 15/4.

  1. BIO400=> Test3 at 12.30pm.

  1. BEL466=> Test 2- Bring along dictionary at 12.30pm.
  2. CSC425=> Lab Test 2 at 6pm.

  1. MAT538 => Test3 at 8.30am.
  2. PHY400=> Test4 at 11.30am.
  3. CSC425=> Test3 at 2.40pm.

Itu saja untuk minggu nie.... Dah tak boleh nak tidur malam buat seminggu nie dulu...and my paper will be on April 27, 2011 and it is CSC425 paper. So, GANBATTE EL!!!!!


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