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Sunday, June 22, 2014

Ked's Weather Forecast #7

Redup cuaca seharian

It's Sunday!!! Suppose to be a sun day but  I guess no, since we're having a cloudy day.

So, macam biasa, woke up early (that's disturbing since today is weekend and the only day I had, to sleep over day (kononnya) but I don't), sidai baju dulu, pastu sapu2 sampah, lipat2 baju and masak untuk breakfast. Dalam tengah hari lebih kurang pkl 12 tgh hari kluaq dengan housemate ke Tesco, dengan perancangan membeli barang persiapan untuk upcoming Ramadhan, counting days. Eventually 7 days from today. Dah tak lama lagi, so puasa tahun pertama sebagai seorang pekerja swasta yang sibuk dan kalut dan bergaya macam akan berbukak kat kilang ja nanti? Hopefully tidak lah kan....

So here we go again; it's me is too workaholic? Or it's just me trying to run away from life reality or love reality. Haha. Lets say it is because of the second option. My option to be busy. My option to not think of any insignificant, irrelevant matter that would only be in my way, in any way. My option to only focus on myself.

Yeah. Liza is a bit melancolia these few days. Judgemental is allowed, please.... I do own this page but I don't own your thought or brain.

Today's forecast: it's freaking sweaty hot even it is cloudy all day long. And I'm still folding my clothes. This hotness make me slower than ever.

"A word is just a word till you meant whay you said."

 So, that's it. Another short short post.  To the next post.


Ked Flop
*kipas atas kepala tapi peluh meleleh-leleh macam bangla binaan buat keja binaan tu.
**Salam pre-Ramadhan. puada dah habih ganti? Kalau belum, bawak2 berganti ;)

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