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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Ked vs Liza. Again.

Merujuk perkara di atas, saya menegaskan di sini bahawa post ini berbaur merepek dan pendapat personal yang sgt personal sampai akan ada org yg akan kata, "Awat dia nie?? Gila ka cakap sorang2?"

Begitulah. Tapi! Jgn bimbang! Kerana! Judgmental is allowed in this page. Thank you.

Update kali ini tiada kaitan antara dengan yang hidup tapi segan macam biawak @ atau yang sudah meninggalkan diri sendiri.


Once upon a time, there are 2 living souls. Well, actually, they do 2 living souls that living in A body. In easy word is BIPOLAR. Let's us called them as Liza and Ked.

Ked: Hye.
Liza: Hi!
Ked: How' s you doing?
Liza: Good..... I guest?
Ked: =_= 'I guest' not even indicates the 'good' word. What it is Liza?? You may not wake me up for some stupid 'good' word, aren't you?
Liza: Well.... If you insisted on that 'good' word as stupid, then it is done. My life it is.
Ked: Woo! Wait! You called your life stupid?? That's new?
Liza: Yeah. If you're going to proceed with this stupid word, then drop the subject and go back into my head.
Ked: Hye wait... I meant no harm ok? Now, spill it to me.
Liza: Spill what??
Ked: If I call you dumb, that's mean me as well. So smart-ass, now tell me what is in your mind.
Liza: *Rolling eyes* Nama ja dok dalam kepala otak aku tapi langsung apa pun tak tau.
Ked: I heard that.
Liza: *Rolling eyes*
Ked: I saw that~
Liza: Fine! WE!*pointing index finger to both of us* are annoying brat.
Ked: *Nodding head* Agree. You may proceed.
Liza: *sigh* You seriously have no idea that I AM trying to change the subject.
Ked: *blink innocently* Nope. I have no slightly idea you had it that way.
Liza: *a very deep sigh*

Jadi beberapa percubaan untuk mengubah tajuk perbualan pun berlangsung secara rancaknya. Sometimes... We have to has an innner talk with the other person inside us. I don't know bout other but it is some kind of remedy to keep in faith in yourself.

And lucky, I had 2 of me. We had each other's back, annoyed to each other but us is US.

That it is, merepek versi bipolar. Tapi rasa macam nak ada sambung ja post merepek nie..? Because I'm not ready to tell then have to change subject la muahahaha

Oklah~ Will be next time?

To the entry... I guest?

Ked Flop
*this post actually take 2 nights to finish
**Ked melapor dari ruang tamu rumah sewa Mak Cik Maznah.

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