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Monday, June 2, 2014

*Flip Table*

*Flip Table*

0.0 Awai2 dah mengamuk?
Mestilah. Bukak blog tgk ada iklan apantah yang dok auto post kat sini.
Gua tekan apa pulak nie? Rasanya tak aktif apa sgt pun tapi....  haigh. Meluat aih~

So.... Here we go again; another month passed like A Boss. Hah! I said it like A Boss as it is passed by like speed of light. Ha tudia ke-hyperbola-an yabg mintak penyepak hahahaha

Sigh. I'm tired. Dead tired. Yes, I'm mentally died and come another week if I didn't have any vacation, I'm an utter zombie. Yeah. Zombie in human form that will easily get irritate and angry. Even my face frowning now. Pfft.

Waaaa...  Nak balik rumah....... sobs sobs.
Ketaq tangan dah lama tak balik rumah nie. My drugs are at home. Should I name the drugs? Sure.
1. Mama drug
2. Cats drug
3. Mom's cooking drug
4. Baby Amani drug
5. Cave drug

Jadi yang sebenarnya saya nie homesick.

Nak post gininya panjang pun takes about 2 months to be posted. Haigh. Tapi serious, minggu nie baru nak rasa balik awai hahaha

Bak kata diri sendiri, "Kita keja macam barua lah,ked."


Okeh. Thats all it. For now. Till next post I guest? Sure.


*I need vacatiooooooooon

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