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Thursday, July 3, 2014

Ked's Weather Forecast #8

A forever rebounder. In any way rebound. Heh.

Sigh. Yes. A dry loud sigh. And a smirk.

What did I do wrong when everytime it is, I'm turn out to be  a rebounder? ?

Kita merungut ka? Ya. I'm actually tired to be a second guessing, choices, trust like I don't deserve.

Either it is love life, living life, working or whatsoever, will ME ever be the 1 person they had in mind? Will they thought of me when they're happy rather when they're had problem?

Why me? Out of all pipel, why me?

Don't you think I feel sick to to just hear all the problems?
Don't you think that I also have my own damn problems?
Don't you ever think that the happy me is actualy the sad me?
You don't.  You'll never do.


This should be a happy Ramadhan to me. Yes, it is. But being hurt in any way?

You. I know you don't care about me, because when I say leave, you just left. Why don't you ask me, why I asked you to leave??

Now now Liza, lets us just focus on Ramadhan kareem now?
It is Allah that will listen and it is a month of promising. Let alone the guy and just focus on our ibadah now.

Kita melankolia sorg2 pun apa faedah? Cinta manusia bukannya pasti tapi Cinta Illahi tu yang hakiki. Sebab tu lah apa2 pun nawaitu kita tu yang penting.

Nawaitu. Niat. Motif dalam bahasa undang2.

Again. What it is to you to live in this world?
1. To be rich.
2. To be awesomely brilliant.
3. To live with someone you love for the rest of life.
4. Or to life in nawaitu that every steps that we take is for Allah, every breath we inhale is for HIM and that everything happen to us is the best plan from HIM?

Tapi.... Do #4 is ever be our choice now?

Tepuk dada, tanya Iman. Apa khabar Iman kita bila #4 langsung tidak tersenarai?

Ramadhan day 5. Masih jauh lagi diri dengan Illahi sedangkan rahmatnya besar tiba di bulan mulai nie. Antara sedat tak sedar, duniawi tu yang dikejar, tapi akhirat hanya cukup syarat.

To the next Ramadhan post. InsyaAllah.

Ked Flop
*Liza melankolia tahap tak hingat tapi tu hanya drabble semata-mata.
**Crita ini tiada kaitan dengan yang masih hidup atau mati.
***Still. Judging is allowed. I don't any of your s thought. So let them judges by mean they actually think.
****Yes. I'm been sarcastic again, thank you.


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